Name: Dieter Turk

Base: Linz, Austria

Interests: Wildlife, Nature, Travel and Photography

Cameras: Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 300D, 75-300mm lens

Why nature and wildlife photography?

I have always been interested in wildlife and the natural world. As a child I read many books about nature and animals, wondering what it must be like to encounter interesting creatures of the wild. Watching nature documentaries inspired me to learn more about wildlife and venture out to explore nature myself. I soon felt the need to capture on camera the beauties of nature and so my passion for wildlife photography was born.

I am particularly enchanted by the tropical rainforests of Latin America. One of my favourite places is the Amazon rainforest, a place I have been fortunate enough to visit through project work. The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest on earth and in some places the biological diversity is higher than anywhere else on the planet. There are all sorts of strange and remarkable creatures, often difficult to encounter. Photographing them is a challenge, but the process is exciting and the experience can be very rewarding.

To me, wildlife photography is about learning from and interacting with nature. Nature is anywhere and everywhere. My aim is to depict the wonders of nature and raise awareness about why nature is fascinating and worth protecting.

I love photography in general and I don’t limit myself to wildlife photography. I enjoy photographing the city I live in and also new places I travel to.

Through this website I hope to be able to share my ever-expanding photo collection with a wider community and I look forward to engaging with other photographers, wildlife enthusiasts and anyone who is interested in nature, wildlife and photography in general.

Info: All wildlife photos are photos of animals in the wild in their natural habitat or, in a few cases, wild animals in temporary captivity at research stations for scientific purposes.

Copyright: Please respect that I own the copyright on all photos on this website. I ask that you do not use my photos without my explicit permission. In the past my photographs have been used in publications and privately purchased and I am happy to discuss any interest in using or purchasing any of my photographs. If you are interested in or have questions about using or purchasing a photo please contact me at

dieter.turk [at] gmail.com

Follow me on instagram >>> dieterturk_photography


More photos and sections will be added over time so please keep checking back.

Thank you for your interest in my website!

Dieter Turk

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Really good Dieter! I like the website and I’m already looking forward to your next assignment of images. Andy

  2. We found your beautiful rock with a photo of a coyote on the front in Salem, OR! How beautiful!

    My 4 year old grandson picked it up and was about to toss it into the Willamette River when I grabbed his arm! Hope you are enjoying your visit to Oregon!

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