… Salzkammergut (Austria)

Impressions from around the region, May 2016:

… Good Bye Eisenbahnbrücke (Linz)

Last weekend of Eisenbahnbrücke, 28.02.2016:

… Happy New Year !!

New Year’s Eve fireworks over Linz (Austria), 2015>6:

… White Magic – near Linz (Austria)

The magical movements of fog in the Mühlviertel near Linz:

… Linz-Hafen – Austria

What’s going on at the port in Linz? See here:

… Secrets of a Wet Place – Costa Rica

I am currently working on a wildlife documentary about the rainforest. In 2014 I travelled to Costa Rica and spent one month in the rainforest, filming the wildlife and nature I encountered. I hope you enjoy the trailer, it will take a while until the whole documentary is completed:


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